How To Make A Facebook Page

Facebook pages are BIG business! As the power of social media steam rolls it’s way into the marketing budgets of the world’s largest corporations, it should for you as well.

I was speaking with a brand manager today from of a totally unrelated industry and asked him what the one thing that he’s learnt in all his years of marketing and he said with a quip “word of mouth is the most powerful motivator of consumer purchases”.

I’m sure you all know about the power of word of mouth; it’s basically a referral from a satisfied customer, but the problem remains of how many people will your satisfied customer actually sing your praises to…2 maybe 3 people at best?

Facebook is the most powerful ‘word of mouth’ device imaginable.

Every time one of your clients writes something on your wall like “awesome workout, you are the best personal trainer in the world!” all of your friends see that. All of a sudden, that one referral is being read by potentially hundreds if not thousands of people.

Facebook Pages.

The difference between a ‘Page’ and a ‘Profile’ are substantial, even if on the surface it doesn’t seem so.

Many people still operate their business from their personal Facebook profile, but beyond the obvious problems that your real friends and family don’t give a shit if you have a sale coming up, or how well your client Dave did on the tyre flip this week, there are several other reasons you should create a Page.

The difference between a Facebook Profile and Page:

  • Profiles are limited to 5000 ‘friends’, Pages are unlimited.
  • You cannot advertise a personal profile
  • Personal profiles aren’t branded for your business
  • A business operating a personal profile is in direct violation of Facebook guidelines and can be shut down without notice
  • Cannot track page metrics of a personal page i.e. how many people visit, who they are, where they’re from etc.

So how do you make a Facebook Page?

The first thing you need is a Facebook account, if you don’t have one; go to the Facebook homepage here to register. Once you have an account it’s actually very easy. Simply go to Facebook Pages and you will arrive here:

As you can see, you’re provided a variety of options dependent upon what type of business you operate. This is completely your choice and there’s nothing to stop you operating multiple pages, but most personal trainers select either ‘Local Business Or Place’ or ‘Company, Organization or Institution’.

Once you have made your selection, you’ll be presented with boxes to add your business information. In Local Business or Place, the first one is a drop down selector to best describe your business and most personal trainers go with ‘professional services’ or ‘Sports, recreation, activities’.

In ‘Company, Organization or Institution’ you might simply select ‘small business’. Agree to the terms and whack ‘Get Started’.

Then you will land here:

This is the ‘Get Started’ page and will help you set up your brand new page. The getting started page sticks around until you get a certain amount of ‘Likes’ and have added some content; after that it automatically goes away. FYI Page administrators i.e you, are the only ones that can see the getting started page, your visitors will go straight to your wall or landing page.

It becomes quite self explanatory at this stage. You can upload your business image, import your email contacts by simply logging into your email through Facebook and my favorite; ‘Suggest to friends’.

Facebook use to allow anyone to suggest a page to their friends via an instant message, however, now only admins are able to do this. This is a great way to notify all of your ‘friends’ from your personal page that you have started a business page.

There are other options on the getting started page to add a ‘Like’ button to your blog or website but we won’t worry about that in this post.

Depending on what business you’re promoting, by clicking the ‘edit page’ button on the top right of your page, go ahead and fill in all of the details, including address, phone numbers, blurb about your business etc.

Then head over to your wall and get some content up for when all of your friends and clients flock to your page and stop polluting your personal page with their woes and shenanigans.

Are you running your business through your personal Facebook account, do you already have a Facebook page?

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