Personal Trainer Gift Ideas – What To Buy Your PT This Christmas

Over the past two weeks I’ve received several emails and noticed a lot of search engine traffic coming to My Business Is Fitness by personal training clients wondering what gifts to get their trainers for Christmas.

Normally it’s the other way around; “what do we get our clients for Christmas”? who would have thought that our clients put as much thought in what to get us as we do them?

It got me thinking about some of the gifts I’d received from clients over the years:

  • Coffee machine (I mentioned it once to a client)
  • Alcohol (Mostly wine)
  • Charity donations in my name (This was cool)
  • Sweets (a huge basket of randoms…that I later ‘re-gifted’)
  • Clothes (T-shirts and socks)
  • Gift certificates (My favorite)
  • Cash (Wait…this was my favorite! :))
  • Movie vouchers (Great FOR clients as well)
  • Books (Usually something a client had read through the year that I’d shown interest in; books are always awesome)

It’s not something I really ever thought about as a personal trainer; it’s always about my clients, but we do develop special relationships and I’m sure all of you guys have received gifts over the years.

What types of Christmas gifts have you received from clients? Have you ever dropped hints or made a request? Have your clients ever straight up asked you what you would like for Christmas and how did you respond?

For the benefit of clients visiting My Business Is Fitness, it would be awesome if you guys could list some of the gifts you’ve received over the years in the comments section below; I’m sure they’d be extremely grateful for the help.


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