Personal Trainers: How To Manage Your Time Efficiently

Personal training, well the fitness industry in general seems to run on a different clock to the rest of the world. Fitness professionals generally work a split shift from the early to mid morning and then back for the afternoon to early evening. When first entering the fitness industry, this kind of unusual working week can provide some huge time management obstacles.

The key to effective time management in personal training, as in any industry is to be prepared. Creating a daily checklist of what needs to be done and ticking off every task as you achieve it will practically ensure that you cannot fall behind or be caught off guard.

Know what you need for each day, like forms, equipment and clothing and have all these things ready to go.

The best way to keep yourself and your fitness business on track, is with easily labelled lists.

Arrange your lists with tasks in order of urgency. For example, if you’re out of client liability waivers and you have new clients coming in the following day then that is obviously an urgent task, where ‘update facebook page’ would not be so high on the list.

Spacing your client appointments sensibly is also something that not enough personal trainers consider very seriously. You need to allocate time for sessions that run over time, to make phone calls, to freshen up between clients and to eat.

Set yourself routines. Respond to emails and make appointment confirmation calls at certain times each day.

A typical daily plan could look like this (Click on the image to enlarge):

Organising your time and managing your activities will make the difference between being a successful six figure fitness professional or being a struggling hobby trainer. has a great article here on time management

I also found this video with 10 easy to follow ideas that you can utilize in your fitness business:

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