Why You Need A Personal Training Client Liability Waiver

The most important signature your new personal training client will give you is not the one on the bottom of the cheque for forty sessions (as wonderful as that signature is), no, but the one on the bottom of a fully completed personal trainer liability waiver.

Before you have your client perform ANY recommended exercise or ANY kind of physical activity, you need this form to be completed. You need to protect yourself, your career and your possesions from being taken from you because you failed to have one form filled out and filed.

The liability waiver is an agreement between you and your personal training client that they understand that there are risks involved with exercising and that you have made them aware of these risks and recommended that the client get an all clear from a qualified physician. Their signature confirms that you have expressed this information.

You must also realise, a signature on a liability waiver does not give you free rein to have your clients perform any ridiculous training regime like, you must always assume a duty of care with all of your clients and provide training pertinent to your clients abilities and goals.

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