Client Activity Log Template

Documenting every facet of your client’s personal training session is one of the most important things you can do for your fitness business.

By doing this small task, you’re not only monitoring their progress or lack thereof, but also to monitor your progress and growth as a professional trainer.

The Client Activity Log that I’ve attached to this post is very basic but I’ve found that’s what’s important when going over dozens of them each day. You need to be able to at a glance notice how your client is performing, and prepare for their next session.

Client Name and Date: Sometimes, innocently neglecting to write a clients name thinking you will do it later can leave you with a desk or folder full of activity logs that you don’t know who they belong to. Always write the name down first, even while preparing for the session as soon as you clip it onto your folder. The date needs to be accurate to file accordingly and also for proof of session purchase which I will discuss further in a moment.

Resistance Activity: For example: bench press, then the weight lifted and the number of repetitions performed. I also like to have an indicator of how tough the set was by simply giving it a number out of ten. For example, a number two if the set was easy or a seven if they only performed four or five quality reps at a certain weight. How you document is purely up to you, but you will develop your own system over time. If you prefer notes, simply flip the page over.

Cardio Activity: What machine they’re using or activity they are performing, for example: Treadmill, then document the client’s heart rate after one, five and ten minutes along with the client’s intensity. It can help to ask the client where they believe their intensity level is and compare with your own estimation.

Clients Signature: Getting the client to sign each activity log at the end of the session is another way to monitor how many appointments they have had. If they disagree with your invoicing you simply need to provide your activity logs as a backup.

Click on image to enlarge or click the link to download a copy of the Personal Training Client Activity Log Template in word format.

Being prepared for each session with a blank client activity log, you’re able to accurately report every move and every feeling that your client is experiencing and have a solid platform to review while preparing for their next personal training appointment.


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